Jul, 2024
Jul, 2024
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Our Community Instructors are trained by and duly contracted by the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS).



Our certification courses are approved by the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS).


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Orientation and Safety Training accounts for 5 Hours of DSHS approved training. It equips you with skills necessary to provide personal care and protect your own health and safety and that of your clients.

The Core Basic Training offered at Brilliant Concepts is an experiential training that uses common client scenarios and skills practice to enable you provide quality care for those you those you care for.

At Brilliant Concepts, the population-specific training comprises of Dementia Specialty Training and Mental Health Specialty Training each accounting for 8 Hours of DSHS approved training


To comply with Washington DSHS requirements, HCA license holders must undergo 12 hours of Continuing Education before their birthday. At Brilliant Concepts, we offer exciting caregiving topics that incorporate emerging issues in healthcare.


Enhance your skills to enable you support your clients and enable them live quality lives.


All Continuing Education courses are approved by the Washington State DSHS.

CPR/First Aid and AED Training

At Brilliant Concepts, we provide CPR/First Aid and AED training under the Health and Safety Institute (HSI). This course is designed to provide students with hands-on training to provide life-saving techniques to promote longer and more lasting lives.


Our Certifications are issued upon completion of the course and CPR and First Aid certifications are valid for two years.

Nurse Delegation

DSHS requires that all Home care aides (HCAs) and nursing assistants (NACs/NARs) working in a residential care facility or as an independent provider (IP) for a home-care agency or through the Community Options Program Entry System (COPES), complete additional required training to perform nurse-delegated tasks.

At Brilliant Concepts, we offer certification in two nurse delegation focus areas; Nurse Delegation Core and Nurse Delegation Focus on Diabetes.

The Finishing School

The Finishing School at Brilliant Concepts is designed for the sole purpose of teaching caregivers’ social graces and cultural rituals. The foremost and primary focus of the 4-hour class is etiquette and cultural appropriateness.
The caregiver will learn the principles of etiquette – being honest, trustworthy, and having the ability to put other people at ease. They will also learn the importance of exhibiting kindness and courtesy when working with others, the art of self-introduction, how to make a lasting first impression and what body language says about them.


Other lessons they will learn include place settings at the table and how to treat their client’s belongings with respect.